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Tropical Rainforests

Imagine a place where orang-utans call loudly from trees the height of 8 double-decker buses, piled one on top of the other, spiders as big as dinner plates scuttle across the ground and birds as colourful as a rainbow fly high in the canopy.  This amazing place is a tropical rainforest!

So where do we find tropical rainforests?

These amazing environments are found in a belt around the equator in an area called the tropics. Tropical rainforests are very warm but also very wet.  Because of their climate, these rainforests are some of the most lush and fertile places on the planet and are home to an amazing variety of plants and animals.  Astoundingly, even though they cover only 7% of the land surface, over 50% of the world’s wildlife lives in the tropical rainforests!