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Kids Community Workshops

Dynamic Earth's science learning team have developed some volcanic, tropical and astronomical group workshops, available for all groups from out of school clubs, to brownies and scouts. If your group is aged between 5 and 15 then we have 4 inspiring and creative activities that are out this world, for you to choose from.

Dinosaurs (age: 5-12 years)
Investigate dinosaur fossils - Stegosaurus tail spikes, T-rex teeth, Triceratops horns and much more! Make your very own fossil to take home.

Rockets (age: 10-15 years)
3...2...1...Blast off! Design and test a rocket, which design goes the furthest? Hold some real meteorites, all the way from the asteroid belt!

Tropical Bugs (age: 7-12 years)
Come face to face with some creepy crawlies from the jungle. Make your own felt bug, will yours be a predator or prey?!

Volcanoes (age: 8-15 years)
A super volcano eruption could be the greatest natural disaster mankind will ever witness. Find out your fate in our interactive voting game, before erupting a volcano.