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Rock Opera

Our Dynamic Earth’s Science Learning team have combined forces with the innovative, Edinburgh based Hoda Productions and the enigmatic and outdoor education enthusiast Angus Miller of Geowalks to bring you 'Rock Opera'.

With a short animated film telling of the historical battle of words and beliefs that took place in the 18th century between the 'father of modern geology' James Hutton and his adversaries told through the eyes of a 12 year old girl and her dog, Haggis. There's a support pack to give you some great ideas for the classroom, linked in with the Curriculum for Excellence. This is ideal to enhance your pupils understanding of many things rocks, geomorphic and historical!

But it doesn't just stop there, also available is a downloadable, interactive, location based iPhone app to guide you around Arthur's Seat and a game, the Quarrymen's Rumble; can you save the crags from the oncoming quarrymen?

Find all of these at select 'Download' and choose the app (for iPhones or Androids), the short animated film, the game and even some songs!