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Follow the clues to unravel the theory of plate-tectonics, creating earthquakes and volcanoes along the way. Investigate a super-volcano and find out if you would survive the blast!  During this workshop pupils will gain an integrated picture of the Earth’s structure and handle real volcanic rocks.  They will compete in a team game to be the first to find the super-volcano, using their detective skills to analyse a range of maps, graphs and samples.  The workshop culminates with an interactive discussion on the scale of ‘super-eruptions’.

  • Social Studies

People, place and environment: Having investigated processes which form and shape landscapes, I can explain their impact on selected landscapes in Scotland, Europe and beyond.

SOC 3-07a

I can explain how the interaction of physical systems shaped and continue to shape the Earth’s surface by assessing their impact on contrasting landscape types.

SOC 4-07a

I can use a range of maps and geographical information systems to gather, interpret and present conclusions and can locate a range of features within Scotland, UK, Europe and the wider world.

SOC 3-14a

People in society, economy and business: I can evaluate conflicting sources of evidence to sustain a line of argument.

SOC 4-15a

  • Sciences

Materials: Through evaluation of a range of data, I can describe the formation, characteristics and uses of soils, minerals and basic types of rocks.

SCN 3-17a

  • Numeracy and Maths

Information handling—data and analysis: I can evaluate and interpret raw and graphical data using a variety of methods, comment on relationships I observe within the data and communicate my findings to others.

MNU 4-20a