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April 3rd - Poet Explorers!
April 3rd - Poet Explorers! Daily from Tuesday, 03 April 2018 until Tuesday, 03 April 2018 10:00 AM

The Scottish Poetry Library invites all keen explorers to embark on a science poetry adventure! Complete the ‘lost poem of Dynamic Earth’ as you travel through time in the exhibition by assembling words hidden within the galleries. After you have found and assembled the lost poem, the team from SPL will be on hand with some more exciting challenges for you to complete. Scientists and poets both look very closely at the world; by the end of your adventure you’ll have thought like a scientist and a poet, and will become a Poet Explorer!

These activities are available as a drop-in  experience as part of your visit to Dynamic Earth between 10am and 4pm. These activities are included with admission to the Dynamic Earth exhibition and are free for Explorer Pass holders.