It is never to early to think about Christmas...

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I thought my boss was off her rocker last year, when in September she gave me the job of booking our office Christmas night out!  It’s not even cold yet I thought! 

Well, I quickly discovered how wrong I was, as after dozens of phone calls and emails, I could not secure a booking for anywhere decent, and there are only 20 of us in our office!  We ended up going for a mediocre lunch in a quiet restaurant, with some dodgy Brussel sprouts and the odd cracker giving it the token festive touch, but all in all, fairly disappointing, it definitely lacked the Christmas spirit!

This year I am on the ball!!!  After listening to numerous friends rave about their magical night out at dynamic earth last year, I was determined to get us one of the hottest tickets in town this festive period!  As soon as the sleeps left till Christmas hit the hundreds (well 199 is still in the hundreds) I figured it was acceptable to talk Christmas!

I fired off my email to Christmas Claire at Dynamic Earth and got a provisional booking secured!  It was as simple as that!  I even had all the dates to choose from at this point, although some of the dates are already filling, they are not full yet!  They will hold my booking for 10 days while I round up the deposit of £15 per person, then I have months to round up the balance, as it’s not due till November!  Bonus!

I can’t wait to show everyone what is included in the cost of £49! 

  • Welcomed in from the cold with a glass of fizz, and with the option of defrosting in the rainforest whilst we enjoy our welcome drink!
  • A 3 course dinner, accompanied with ½ a  bottle of wine no less, followed by coffee and mince pies – whilst enjoying the amazing festive decorations and fabulous light projections
  • Magic mirror madness!!  A brand new spin on the photo booth
  • The chance to meet many fabulous people
  • Dancing till the wee hours

I know that we will definitely be lighting up our world at Dynamic Earth this Christmas!


4 Aug 2017


22/08/2017 22:37:33

Booking for 6 for xmas

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