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Atlantic Adventures Show

Come on an Atlantic Adventure with us as we explore the deep ocean and uncover incredible cold-water coral reefs

This show was developed to explain the ATLAS project and the work of people involved in it. It starts with a brief introduction to how and why oceans are important, then moves on to how scientists and engineers work at sea. There are discussions around the technology used for exploration of the deep-sea and the challenges posed by deep water. It also features an introduction to cold-water corals, how they feed and how bottom trawling for fish damages them and finishes with information about marine protected areas. The show demonstrated in this video is the adapted version that we use for public audiences and informal learning, however the script outlines a longer (45-50 minute) workshop version suitable for schools. To download the slide presentation, video and PDF containing the kit list and script, click here.

The first 2 pages of a 13 page PDF explaining how to run the workshop and how it can be adapted to suit different audiences.

Ideas for how best to make use of this resource in classrooms or as home-school activity:

-        Use the video as an example of how to run a similar workshop with your own learners (the script, background information and kits lists are available below)

-        Watch the video together – pausing when the presenters ask the audience questions and have a discussion about the points mentioned

-        Make the video interactive by answering questions and completing the activities demonstrated by the presenters and children in the film

-        Watch the video and then follow it with some more marine science activities and experiments to deepen the learning. There are lots more deep-ocean themed resources including augmented reality crafts, kitchen science experiments and


If you have any questions or would like to know more about the ATLAS project, the school workshop or any of the Outreach Educational Portfolio, please contact Natalie Walls, ATLAS Project Officer (