Celebrate Green Week at Dynamic Earth!

At Dynamic Earth we aim to do as much as we possibly can to help & protect our planet – it’s the only home we have after all!  We are celebrating EU Green Week from the 12 – 17th May and we wanted to share more about what we do here to help the environment. We have lots of additional information and fun activities this week so that you too can learn more and be inspired to live a greener lifestyle!

NWH will be with us on Monday 13th May and will be giving information all about our rubbish recycling.   Last year, Dynamic Earth recycled 1757kg of paper, 538kg of plastic and 2070kg of tins – plus so much more!!  All our staff & guests are encouraged to use our recycling stations located throughout the building.

Scottish Water will also be at Dynamic Earth on Tuesday 14th May and will communicate information on their “Keep the Cycle Running” campaign.  EVERYONE can do their bit to help keep Scotland’s water cycle moving - just taking some simple steps every day can save water, and prevent blocked pipes and drains, as well as sewer flooding.  Learn more here! 

Food Chain Cafe 

Our Food Chain Cafe aims to use locally-sourced ingredients and Scottish suppliers wherever possible, and are proud holders of the Taste Our Best award.  We have switched from selling plastic juice bottles to recyclable glass & cans, we have a water station to refill your reusable bottles and we even sell tasty edible straws!

The Café also work in conjunction with Vegware to cut down on single-use plastics – they provide us with a huge range of compostable food packaging (everything from coffee cups to cutlery and straws!) for use in the Café.  Conventional food packaging is often contaminated with food residue which makes it hard to recycle, and it usually ends up either being burned or in landfill.  Vegware on the other hand, is different, as it’s made from plants not plastic and is 100% compostable!   Representatives from Vegware will be on hand this Thursday 16th May to share more information on their products, and you can even join in by following the journey of a coffee cup from the Café to Composting, with the clever use of Virtual Reality technology.

Dynamic Earth Learning Programme

Our Learning Team will have a stand on the main concourse this week, with information cards and activities that we use in our Plastic Smart’ workshop - an investigation into the effects of plastic on our planet. This includes:

  • ‘rubbish timeline’ working out the amount of time it takes for rubbish to biodegrade
  • An ocean food chain that has plastic in it
  • A mini beach clean
  • Suggestions for plastic replacements 

We are also running a competition for schools who are visiting Dynamic Earth this week – encouraging them to make various pledges within their school which will help protect our environment.  Schools can then tweet @LearnAtDynamic to tell us all about it & enter the prize draw!

Operation Earth

We are also thrilled to have been a part of the Natural Environment Research Council’s “Operation Earthnational programme.  Throughout the year we have been running lots of different events and additional activities, to engage and inspire children & their families with world-leading environmental science and research. 

Natural Selection Gift Shop

 Our Gift Shop stocks a wide range of eco-friendly gifts & souvenirs. We take great care when selecting items – many are sourced from local suppliers, and are produced from sustainable & recycled materials.  We sell everything from biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes to tree-free notebooks made from stone!  And of course – our Dynamic Earth re-usable coffee cups, shopping bags & water bottles!

Dynamic Earth is proud to have held Gold status in the Green Tourism Business Scheme for the last 8 years.  We encourage our staff and guests to travel on foot, by bike or using public transport wherever possible and we also provide designated spaces in our car park for electric vehicle charging. A screening of “A Plastic Ocean” will take place in our 4D Cinema for all Dynamic Earth staff plus we have also signed up to Do Nation – an organisation that encourages people to make small changes in their lives and to make small action pledges for change that will not only benefit the environment, but our health and well-being too.  As an organisation, we have a target of 50 pledges, and we’d love to hit that target by the end of Green Week!   

Small actions really do add up to make a big difference –and you too can help us help our world!






13 May 2019


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