Operation Earth is BACK!

We are delighted to announce that once again we will be taking part in the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) funded education programme, Operation Earth.  The next exciting chapter - Phase 2 -  kicks off on the 5th December to coincide with Youth Climate Action Day, and aims to educate families and communities all across the UK about the pressing issue of climate change and the importance of our environment.  Be inspired to find out more about our amazing planet and scientific observation, including how & why  experts monitor changes in the environment of Earth using satellites in space!

As part of the Association for Science and Discovery Centres (ASDC) Dynamic Earth will take part in the programme along with 6 other centres across the UK from Aberdeen all they way to Wrexham!  You may remember seeing our Operation Earth family show back in 2018 and meeting the wonderful mascot Earthy at some of the events across the year.   During Phase 1, more that 200 000 children and adults took part in the programme and many engaged with world leading environmental scientists at our ‘meet the expert’ events.  Earthy even made it along to Downing Street in London for a visit as part of Green Great Britain Week!

This year, we have faced some very difficult times during the global pandemic with many coronavirus restrictions and intermittent lockdowns - Dynamic Earth has had to close during some of our busiest times, and we have been unable to welcome our schools and groups as normal.  Operation Earth Phase 2 will therefore focus on engaging children and families both at home and online with fun activities that will enable them to interact with some of the UK’s most talented environmental research scientists. Each of the centres are also working on their own projects for Phase 2 - here at Dynamic Earth, the team have been delivering some special Operation Earth Boxes jam-packed with loads of ‘hands on’ science activities for young carers in the local community.

Climate Change is a subject very close to our hearts here at Dynamic Earth - through the Operation Earth programme we hope to raise awareness of the issues surrounding the preservation of our planet, and educate young people in a fun and engaging way about environmental science.  

We hope that you too will be inspired to go and find out more about the exciting Operation Earth projects that are happening both here and across the UK - just visit the website for more details! 





4 Dec 2020


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