Finnmark Plateau Expedition 2020

Here at Dynamic Earth, our team is full of adventurous types who enjoy travelling and experiencing different areas of the world and their cultures.  We also love a challenge and the latest intrepid explorer to take on an extreme adventure is Eve Armstrong, who has been a member of our Learning Team since 2019.

This March, Eve is embarking on the journey of a lifetime across the arctic tundra of the Finnmark Plateau.  This is a huge area in the very north of Norway, covering an area of 22,000km and at this time of year, will be completely covered in snow, with temperatures ranging from 5’C to -30’C – rather chilly to say the least!!  It’s expected that the expedition will take between 12-14 days, covering a distance of 160-200km.  Eve will be flying out to the town of Alta, then trekking across the plateau on cross country skis while pulling a pulk (a type of sledge) with all her food & equipment - neither of which she has ever done before. She has been training hard for this challenge by hillwalking, running, and walking around her local park pulling a tyre (which may have resulted in her getting a few strange looks from passers-by!)  She has also been brave (crazy?!) enough to do some open-water winter swimming in the North Sea as part of her training programme, and has even been joined by another adventurous member of the Learning Team, Brendan!  Eve’s mental strength, determination and will-power will also be put to the test, as the cold weather, isolation and physical exertion will all take their toll.


 And - If they are successful in completing their challenge - the group that Eve is trekking with will become the first all-female team to have completed a crossing of the Finnmark Plateau!  An exciting and amazing achievement I am sure everyone would agree. 

Eve says “I became involved through Love Her Wild, a network of women who go on adventures and support & encourage each other to take part in outdoor activities both big and small.  They were advertising for expedition members and I wanted to take part in a challenge that would push me to my limits, not only physically but mentally.  I wanted to experience a part of the world very few people do, in a unique way, by camping out on and crossing the arctic tundra. 

This will be Eve’s second extreme expedition, as she has also trekked across the remote regions of the Yukon in Canada.  She added “I hope that by sharing my stories and photographs of the fragile beauty of the tundra people will be inspired to find out more about more about how we can protect this unique habitat. I also want my experiences to motivate others to attempt adventures like this - even if (like me) they are not the fittest / strongest / bravest person ever!  ”

 You can check out the teams’ itinerary here and follow Eve’s story via her Instagram using #finnmark2020.   The team will be completely ‘off grid’ once they depart Alto to begin their expedition but Eve will be documenting her journey along the way. Once we returns, we hope to update you all on her achievements and post lots of photos on our Dynamic Earth social media pages. We wish Eve and the team all the very best of luck and look forward to hearing all about her exciting adventure when she returns!

2 Mar 2020


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