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Career Long Professional Learning

It’s not just about the pupils! We also offer a wide range of opportunities throughout the year for teachers and learning practitioners to develop or refresh their own knowledge and skills in STEM engagement practice. We often run partnership events supporting the delivery of a wide variety of STEM subjects in innovative ways as well as our CLPL workshops in-person, or as online on-demand opportunities.

We also offer free familiarisation visits for teachers, giving you the chance to experience the centre and facilities for yourself - please contact us in advance to arrange this.



Missed our live CLPL sign ups? Why not sign up for our on-demand CLPL modules instead!

With support from Education Scotland, we're delighted to be launching two new FREE online CLPL modules which can be completed on-demand and at your own pace exploring Learning for Sustainability through the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Sign up now to our Life on Land and Life Below Water online modules for instant access to ready to go sustainability resources for you and your pupils that can be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings exploring climate change and ocean literacy.  The modules have been developed by science engagement experts and subject specialists, and are designed to develop your knowledge, skills and confidence in delivering interdisciplinary science learning with your pupils. The modules are designed to be completed one per week for four weeks, and take an hour to work through each week - but you are free to work through them at your own pace and use flexibly in your teaching. 

Find out more and get instant access for free here.



Do you work in teaching or Community Learning and Development? Sign up now for Creative Science Online through our dedicated online learning platform, Dynamic Earth Online.

  • Completely FREE online professional learning for educators, exploring the intrinsic links between STEM and creativity.
  • The course can be completed at your convenience on days and times that suit you. We recommend completing the four modules across four weeks, allowing a minimum of one hour a week to work through the course content.
  • Learning is facilitated via informative videos featuring experts from across the sciences, downloadable BGE curriculum-linked resources, and discussion forums to share ideas with other course participants.  We also encourage spending time trying out some of the activity suggestions with your learners.
  • On completion of the programme and submission of a short course evaluation, you will be presented with a CLPL completion certificate confirming completion of a Scottish Science Centre created and Education Scotland Supported CLPL course totalling 4 CLPL hours.
  • Developed with, and for, predominantly Primary teachers and CLD practitioners, however the course is open to all education professionals.

Supported by Education Scotland, these sessions are completely free of charge and we would love educators from all areas of Scotland to get involved.  If you have any questions or require further information, please get in touch with the Dynamic Earth Learning Team by emailing



Thank you so much to everyone who has registered for our February and March CLPL sessions - we're looking forward to welcoming you and we will send joining instructions in advance of the events. If you registered for a snack box as part of the event registration we'll post this to the address you supplied.

If you haven't managed to register for one of these sessions - don't worry! We'll be running lots more throughout the year. We will also be launching new online - on-demand - free and flexible CLPL modules exploring the UN Sustainable Development Goals, climate change & marine environments in the next few weeks which you will be able to sign up to for instant access.

You can sign-up to our Learning & Engagement Newsletter to be the first to know about new opportunities for your and your pupils.

To help celebrate the launch of Edinburgh’s first Planetarium and our new presenter-led show Under Pressure we’re delighted to be offering free online teacher CLPL exploring Climate Change and Learning for Sustainability in February 2022 and Ocean Literacy and Learning for Sustainability in March 2022.

Register now:

These sessions are supported by the ScottishPower Foundation



Our CLPL workshops can be delivered in-house at Dynamic Earth or as an outreach session in your schools.

Our experienced Learning Team holds a wealth of experience and are always happy to tailor content to particular aims if possible. If you are interested in any of our CLPL offerings, please get in touch for more details, prices and availability.

Creative Science:

Explore the importance of creativity within the sciences.  By approaching science from a new angle, you will discover ways to enthuse and engage children in science using the creative arts.  All activities are designed to be easily reproduced in the classroom or school playground, with minimal resource costs and using recycled items or readily available materials.

 Free resource pack for every participant.

Supports cross curricular CfE first & second level experiences and outcomes.

Creative Science is also available as an online on-demand course, see above for full details.

Outdoor Learning in Practice:

All of our outdoor workshops are available as CLPL opportunities for teachers. Click here to find out more about our outdoor learning programme.  

We can run all our outdoor workshops for groups of teachers to demonstrate best practice outdoors and showcase activities. Alternatively, if you are looking to increase your confidence in taking your class outside, participating in one with your pupils is a great way to be able to see how they respond to learning outside in a supported manner.

Additionally, we often team up with partners such as ScotDec, Edinburgh Primary Science Network and the RSPB to offer one-off CLPL events covering a range of STEM learning areas.  Be sure to keep an eye on our website or sign up to the Learning E Newsletter for more information on these opportunities.