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Time to get crafty! A selection of hands-on crafts, activities and workshop ideas to try out at home!

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Monday 29th June 2020: Design a Dinosaur Challenge

Dinosaurs lived a really long time ago, between 245 and 66 million years ago so what we know about them is pieced together from fossil evidence. (Fossils are the remains or traces of animals which lived a long time ago). This means that we are still making new discoveries about them all the time.

All these photos are fossils from the same dinosaur. Try to draw what you think this dinosaur might have looked like and check back at 4pm to see how you did! Don’t forget to share your pictures with us too!

Design a Dinosaur Activity book


Monday 22nd June 2020: #EarthSchool

Today we point our #DIYMonday gaze over to the amazing #EarthSchool from @TEDEducation - a series of immersive and interactive nature-based quests all released in the run up to #WorldEnvironmentDay this Friday. You can access all 30 videos, quizzes, challenges at


Monday 15th June 2020: Shining a Light on the Deep Seas

When we think of coral reefs, we might picture images of colourful reefs in warm, tropical waters. But did you know, coral reefs are found in cold, deep waters around in the Atlantic Ocean too?

Just like their tropical cousins, cold-water coral reefs provide a habitat for many different creatures, which find shelter, food and even a safe a place to lay their eggs amongst the coral.

Today’s #DIYMonday craft is to make these coral reef tea light holders! Click this link to download all the information and instructions.



Monday 8th June 2020: World Oceans Day - Hydrothermal Vents

Happy World Oceans Day!

To celebrate we are dedicating this entire week to our blue planet with ocean-themed games, facts and activities.

Our first stop is the Atlantic Ocean where, in 2018, scientists from the ATLAS* project discovered new deep sea hydrothermal vents near the Azores. Hydrothermal vents are like underwater hot springs releasing water that has been heated by molten rock beneath the sea floor.

Follow this link below to find out how to make your very own deep sea fizzing vent and be sure to tag us in your vent photos and videos.

For more information on the project and links to the entire portfolio of activities, please visit


Monday 1st June 2020: Astronaut Mission Badges

Did you know that every astronaut that goes into space gets a special patch to put on their uniform? Some of the most famous mission patches are from the historic Apollo moon missions and in today’s activity we look at the cool stories behind the patch designs and invite you all to make your own mission patch!

Imagine you are the captain on a space mission and you have been asked to design a patch for you and your crew. Follow the link below for full instructions and lots of inspiration from the Apollo missions! You can use anything you have at home to make your mission patch - paper, card, recycling, play doh, Lego… get creative!

We would love to see your patches so please tag us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to show off your skills!

Click here to make your badges


Monday 25th May 2020: Tropical Rainforest Exploration

Join us on this #DIYMonday in our exploration of the #rainforest! Ever wondered what we use here in the UK that was grown in a tropical rainforest? Play a game of bingo with the contents of your kitchen cupboards to find out! View Worksheet

Monday 18th May 2020: Toad on the Road

Have you spotted any frogs or toads out and about recently? Find out what they’re all up to and make your own froggy friend with today’s #DIYMonday activity! Click here to view

Monday 11th May 2020: Lego Challenge

Scientists need to develop clever technologies to help them explore the deepest parts of the ocean.
The ocean covers around 70% of the Earth's surface but only around 5% has been explored because
it can be difficult to get to and even trickier to see below the surface.
Our Lego challenge is to design and build a piece of equipment that will dive to the bottom of the
Atlantic Ocean and uncover the animals that live in amongst the coral reefs. Click Here for full
instructions and some ideas of technologies used by scientists on the ATLAS* project including
remote controlled underwater robots!




Monday 4th May 2020: Static Electricity Butterfly 

Today for #DIYMonday we are creating a magical butterfly powered by static electricity! Click here for full instructions on how to make the butterfly, how to make its wings move, and what static electricity actually is.

Monday 27th May 2020: Fish or Not a Fish

Is a jellyfish a fish or not a fish? What about a starfish? Find out the answers to these and many other creatures by making your own sorting game, Fish or Not a Fish in this week’s #DIYMonday. Click here to download the instructions.


Photo credit: Dante Alighieri via Wikimedia

Monday 20th April 2020: Ecobricks

Single-use plastics are used only once before they are thrown away as they are not designed to be reusable. Plastic polluting our environment causes problems for animals and birds that often mistakenly eat it thinking that it is food. While the best solution to this problem of plastic pollution is for humans to just use less plastic, Ecobricks are a great way to trap existing plastic waste and make it useful again!

Today we are doing some environmentally-friendly crafting and making ecobricks! Have a go at creating your own, and please share your creations with us. Click here for full instructions and extra information about plastic pollution.

Monday 13th April 2020: Atlantic Adventures with ATLAS

Dive into the depths with Atlantic Adventures and get hands-on with a series of activities that will show the process of ocean acidification; demonstrate the effects of high pressure; and inform you of some of the threats faced by cold-water coral reefs. Click here for full instructions and downloadable templates.

Monday 6th April 2020: Make your own LEGO Mars Rover

In 2022, the Rosalind Franklin robotic Mars rover will blast off from Earth and head to the Red Planet to search for signs of life. Today, your challenge is to design and build your own Mars Rover out of LEGO. Click here for full instructions, extra information about the Rosalind Franklin rover, and a stop motion animation guide.

Monday 30th March 2020: How to Make a Bird Feeder

Feeding wild birds that come into our gardens can be a great way for us to experience nature. By providing food you can support birds through times where it is hard to come by, or just simply supplement what they can find on their own in nature and make it a little easier. Click here to download the instructions on how to make your own bird feeder.