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Join us for an exploration of our urban ecosystems, learn about some of the wildlife you might spot around your home and try some of our techniques for getting a glimpse of it on a simple walk outside or even from your window.

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Tuesday 30th June 2020: Lovely Leaves

Trees are amazing – they provide us with clean air to breathe, food to eat and timber to build with. They create a habitat for whole communities of plants and animals and give us beautiful, natural spaces to enjoy. Each type of tree is unique and interesting, but sometimes it can be tricky to tell them apart. We have found some great links to resources that can help you identify the trees around you using their leaves, twigs and flowers. Have a look an download todays activity.

Tuesday 23rd June 2020: Liking the Lichens

Discover the hidden world of lichens though our new activity pack! Adapted from our dinosOutdoors sessions last year join us to find the surprising variety of life living on your windowsills! Check out these photos of some lichens found by our learning team from their homes! Don’t forget to share pictures of what you find too! #natureAroundMe #DynamicEarthOnline View activity here

Tuesday 16th June 2020: The Sea is the Sky

Do you ever think of where all the rain comes from?

Even if you live far from the shore, most of the water that falls as rain has come from the sea and will end up back there again. That means that any waste or pollution we create in our cities and towns will impact the ocean too.

Click this link to find out how to set up our water cycle experiment at home and see how seawater ends up in puddles miles from the ocean.

#TheSeaIsTheSky is a project with @wearewildlabs @weglimpse

To find out more and to see how the ocean affects where you live, visit


Tuesday 8th June 2020: Beach Treasure Hunt

Today for #NatureAroundMe we will be exploring our local beaches! Shorelines are vital resources for scientists to understand the health of the surrounding ocean and what plants and animals can be found there.

If you live near to a beach then why not take an ID sheet along with you and try to find as many of the things included as you can? Our friends at the Marine Conservation Society have a great one that we would recommend. They have also teamed up with the Natural History Museum in the #BigSeaweedSearch that you could get involved in too! By telling them which seaweed species are found on the beach near you, scientists can use that information from across the country to better understand how the ocean may be affected by rising sea levels, increasing temperature and ocean acidification.


Tuesday 2nd June 2020: Exploring the Moon

For today’s #NatureAroundMe activity, we are going to be exploring the surface of the moon from our very own window! Did you know that you can spot lots of the places on the moon from Earth? Our moon map has a few of our favourite lunar spots marked on, including the landing site of the Apollo 11 spacecraft that carried the first astronauts to the Moon!

This Friday is a full moon and, in Europe, this one is known as the Rose Moon. A full (or nearly full!) moon is the best time to use our map to try to spot some of the features on the Moon’s surface.

Follow this link to download the full instructions for this and several other moon activites.

Tuesday 26th April 2020: Trees Social Activity

Trees are amazing and with summer on its way we thought it would be a great time to investigate the trees around us. One of the fantastic things trees do is take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere which means trees can help us fight climate change! Check out our activity sheet to calculate how much carbon is in the trees around you and to learn to identify trees! View activity

Tuesday 19th April 2020: Nectar Collectors

Today we have a story for you and your little ones. Join Beatrice the Nectar Collector on her adventure and discover what it takes to be a busy honey bee. Click here to view worksheet and you can watch the story below. 


Tuesday 12th April 2020: Den Building

One of our postponed dinosOutdoors workshop is full of bushcraft skills so we thought we would share one of the activities from it for you to try at home! In your garden or the local park can you build a den like this one? Check out our tips and tricks on our website and share your creations with the hashtag #dynamicearthonline Click here to view instructions



Tuesday 5th April 2020: Wildflowers Activities

Wildflowers are an important habitat (place to live) for many animals and insects. This is the time of year when many of them will be in bloom. Click here to download our wildflower bingo and see how many different flowers you can spot!

Tuesday 28th April 2020: Animal Homes Spotters Guide

There are so many signs of wildlife you can spot in your garden or on a short walk around your local area. Click here to download the bingo sheet and see if you can find all these animal homes! Some are harder to spot than others but we would love to see photos of your discoveries don’t forget to use the hashtag #naturearoundme.

Tuesday 21st April 2020: Nature Spotting and Citizen Science

There are lots of ways we can turn our free time into incredibly valuable information for science research through citizen science projects. The principal behind citizen science is to use the power of collaborative volunteer research to explore or collect huge data sets, far bigger than a team of scientists would be able to achieve by themselves. Click here to find out more about citizen science and how you can get involved.

Tuesday 14th April 2020: Sonic Spot - Listening to Nature

Try connecting with the nature around you by pausing and listening. Backed by the latest scientific studies, listening to natural sounds can help you relax and destress. Read more about these studies and find full activity instructions here.

Tuesday 7th April 2020: Cloud Spotting

Predicting the weather is really difficult and meteorologists (weather scientists) need to use information from all over the world to try and work out what the weather will do next. From crafts to tig, this pack will help you to learn more about clouds and what they can teach us about the weather. All the activities in this pack can be done at home, from a window or in the garden!

Tuesday 31st March 2020: Window Wildlife Watch

Our first Nature Around Me blog has shown us how important connecting with nature can be. We’ve got some ideas to get you started with your own wildlife explorations. Click here to play Window Wildlife Bingo and other exciting activities that can be completed at home from the window or in the garden!