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Dear Adventurer,

Welcome to our final staycation destination, we’ll be thinking about freshwater environments around the globe, checking up on how healthy they are and meeting some of the creatures which rely on freshwater to survive. 

Enjoy your travels!


Freshwater Fun

Pond dipping is an easy activity to meet some freshwater creatures near you. Click here to find out more!

 How Water Shapes the Land

Click here for more information and instructions on how to do your own mineral experiment!

River Pollution

Find out more about the different sources and impacts of pollution in rivers, even make your own river soup by clicking here!

Impressive Animals

Click here to learn how to make your own cool catfish out of paper!

Protecting our Rivers

If we are to protect our rivers and the species within them, who better to do this than the people living along them? Click here to see how you can make a difference!