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Family Gallery Guides

Time travelling and adventures in science don’t have to end with the Dynamic Earth tour! "Earth Explored" brings you some more information and supporting activities from the Learning Team. Discover what lies at Earth’s deepest ocean and encounter trees as tall as 8 double-decker buses!

Check out our brand new Dynamic Earth activity packs!

You can try out a couple of your very own scientific experiments using the instructions in our brand new activity packs filled with fun facts and games.

Simply start with our bronze pack and work your way through to gold.

Children’s University 

The Children’s University encourage out-of-school learning by providing children aged 7-14 with a ‘passport’ which they fill in with records of various extra-curricular activities.  There are different levels depending on how many hours of activities the children complete and at the end of the year they attend a graduation ceremony at the host University. 

For more details on which activities at Dynamic Earth count towards the passport, please visit