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71% of our planet is covered in water – that is a lot of water! Over 1450 million km3 of the stuff! Water supports all life on Earth, it is very, very important to us!

It was in the oceans that life first began billions of years ago and it was here that life evolved as it made its way onto land.

The oceans are thriving with life, in many shapes and forms. The largest living animal ever to have existed still roams the oceans today. It is the blue whale. Weighing over 200 tonnes and over 30 metres long, it is larger than any known dinosaur. Its tongue alone weighs as much as an elephant and its heart is the size of a mini cooper car, yet very little is known about this amazing animal.

Did you know, more people have travelled into space than been to the depths of the oceans! It is amazing to think that for almost every deep sea dive made, new species are recorded!

The world’s oceans are amazing places, largely unexplored and with many secrets still to uncover.