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Places to Learn About Space


Astronomers have been observing the skies from the Royal Observatory on Blackford Hill, Edinburgh since 1896. Nowadays world class research and instrument development takes place at this unique site. The observatory is an essential visit for any budding astronomers.

For the general public there are observing evenings on a Friday night. Throughout the year there are a range of events aimed at children and adults.

The ROE welcomes bookings from groups of 10-30 people. Your visit will be guided by a member of the Centre's staff, many of whom are students or retired employees of the Observatory. Your visit can include a range of activities that are fun, engaging and revealing for visitors of all ages and backgrounds. Check out their website to find out how to book for any of these events.


In the first gallery of Dynamic Earth, there is a lot to learn about space. Why not come along and use our Magic Planet which displays all the planets and their moons in full 3D with loads of interesting facts. Check out the Near Earth Objects exhibit to find out what might happen if a rock from space were to collide with the Earth.

The time machine will take you back to The Big Bang and then you will see what happened next. Take a look into the infinity of space in which the stars, planets and galaxies formed.