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Weather is the word we use to describe lots of different things that are going on in the air around us. To think about what the weather is like today just look out the window: Is it raining? Is it sunny? Is it cloudy? Is it windy? Is it cold? You have just completed your very own weather report!

The weather influences us in many ways, how we dress when going outside for example. If it’s raining you might take a rain coat, umbrella or even wellies. If it’s cold outside you might put on an extra jumper or even a hat and scarf if it’s very cold. The weather in Scotland changes daily (and even hourly!) but the most noticeable change is with the seasons. It is much colder in winter and while it isn’t really hot in the summer it is definitely warmer! The science of studying and predicting the weather is called Meteorology.

Check out the links to find out how to become a Meteorologist yourself by building your own weather station at home. Record your findings day to day using the weather record sheet. Find out how Hurricanes form and how lightning is made in our Extreme Weather section.