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Measure Wind Direction Using Your Own Wind Vane

You will need:
One long drinking straw
One sheet of A4 thick card
One drawing pin
A section broom handle or similar shaped piece of wood

Cut a triangle from the card. It should be around 10cm long and 8cm wide. This is the head of your arrow.
Cut a trapezium shaped piece of card as a tail fin. Click here to see our Wind Vane diagram to help you out.
Cut a small slit in both ends of the straw in the same orientation. You may need an adult to help you with this. Check out the picture for some help. Slot in the arrow head and tail to the straw and secure with sticky tape on both sides.
Balance the arrow on your finger to find the balance point. The balance point is where the arrow will not fall forwards or backwards. Put the drawing pin through the straw into the top of the broom handle, at the balance point. Make sure the arrow can freely rotate around the drawing pin.

Wind Vane