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Outdoor Learning

Please check out our new and improved Dynamic Earth Online for a wealth of activities and experiments to keep you busy at home!


Dynamic Earth, with our feet firmly rooted in the adventurous Earth and environmental sciences, is embracing opportunities for all children and young people to enjoy first-hand, the experience of being in the great outdoors. Overlooking Dynamic Earth is the extinct volcano of Arthur's Seat with its crags, rare flora and dominating presence. What better place to inspire and motivate young people with engaging curriculum linked activities?  

All outdoor workshops are 2 hours long and cost £5 per pupil unless otherwise stated - please be aware that the weather may dictate a shorter activity on the day. We require all participants to arrive with appropriate footwear and clothing. Click here for our suggested kit list. 

FIRE AND ICE P5-7  Discover the amazing and violent geological history of Scotland as told in the rocks of Arthur's Seat. Use your detective skills to investigate evidence for ancient tropical seas, track down an ice rock and discover a 350 million year old lava flow.

COME RAIN OR SHINE P4-7  Become a weather detective, spot clouds and look for clues in nature. Complete a weather map and forecast to see how much our weather really changes.

PLASTIC SMART OUTDOORS P4-6 (1 hour) Through practical conservation, learners understand the impact of plastic waste on our local environment and explore how we can be creative with reducing, reusing and recycling.  We can all become more 'plastic smart'! 


FIRE AND ICE S1-6  In a landscape shaped by the destructive and violent forces of fire and ice we discover the evidence as told in the rocks of Arthur's Seat.  These rocks indicate the changing environments over time, from tropical seas and lagoons to ice that moves boulders and shapes rocks.  They all provide proof of the powerful heat engine driving plate tectonics.

AN INTRODUCTION TO FIELD SKILLS S4-6 (4 HOURS)  Partly indoors and mostly outdoors, we introduce field skills such as slope analysis, water ingress and vegetation sampling on the small but very accessible Haggis Knowe. With the introduction of a few quirky apps and bits of kit, as well as having pupils develop their own risk assessments this workshop is ideal for those in later secondary school. Cost: £10.00 per pupil.