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An Introduction to Field Skills

In this workshop we will introduce a range of field skills suitable for small-scale investigation in Holyrood Park.  We will discuss fieldwork rationale, risk assessments and environmental considerations before heading out into the park for a slope analysis.  Pupils will have the chance to investigate slope aspect, measure slope angle and record changes in features such as pH, vegetation and water infiltration.  They will record and analyse their data on return to Dynamic Earth.

This workshop supports fieldwork studies for the Geography National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher.  We have chosen the following points as representative of the workshop aims.

Geography: Physical Environments (National 5), in which learners will develop geographical skills and techniques in the context of physical environments. Learners will develop a detailed knowledge and understanding of the processes and interactions at work within physical environments.

Specifically, the workshop supports the following skills, knowledge and understanding;

  • using a range of mapping skills, including the use of Ordnance Survey maps in mostly familiar contexts;
  • using a range of research skills, including fieldwork skills, in mostly familiar contexts;
  • using and interpreting a range of numerical and graphical information in mostly familiar contexts;
  • demonstrating knowledge and understanding of the physical environment of Scotland and/or the United Kingdom by giving descriptions which are mainly factual with some theoretical content and giving detailed explanations.

The workshop supports the Geographical Skills (Advanced Higher) Unit, in which learners will develop a wide range of geographical methods and techniques including mapping skills, graphical techniques and a range of statistical techniques for analysing and interpreting geographical data.

They will develop skills including fieldwork, making decisions, critical evaluation and the use of geographical methodologies. 

It supports the following aims of the Advanced Higher course – enabling learners to:

  • further develop skills of independent research, fieldwork, analysis, synthesis, evaluation and presentation.
  • further develop skills and techniques to collect, extract, analyse and interpret information to explain geographical phenomena using appropriate terminology.
  • further develop expertise in the use of maps, diagrams, statistical techniques and written accounts.