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Fire and Ice Curriculum Links

In this workshop we will look at different rocks in various parts of Holyrood Park, examining them for evidence of the amazing and violent geological history of Arthur’s seat.  From tropical seas to 350 million year old lava flows and boulders moved by the ice, we will discuss the changes in the Park throughout geological time and the uses of the contrasting rock types.


Materials: Earth’s Materials

Having explored the substances that make up Earth’s surface, I can compare some of their characteristics and uses.

SCN 2-17a

Through evaluation of a range of data, I can describe the formation, characteristics and uses of soils, minerals and basic types of rocks.

SCN 3-17a

Social Studies:

People, place and Environment

I can describe the major characteristic features of Scotland’s landscape and explain how these were formed.

SOC 2-07a

I can explain how the physical environment influences the ways in which people use land by comparing my local area with a contrasting area.

SOC 2-13a

Having investigated processes which form and shape landscapes, I can explain their impact on selected landscapes in Scotland, Europe and beyond.

SOC 3-07a

I can explain how the interaction of physical systems shaped and continue to shape the Earth’s surface by assessing their impact on contrasting landscape types.

SOC 4-07a


Listening and Talking: Tools for listening and talking

When I engage with others, I can respond in ways appropriate to my role, show that I value others’ contributions and use these to build on thinking.

LIT 2-02a

When I engage with others, I can make a relevant contribution, encourage others to contribute and acknowledge that they have the right to hold a different opinion.

I can respond in ways appropriate to my role and use contributions to reflect on, clarify or adapt thinking.

LIT 3-02a