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Sciences | Planet Earth | Space

I have experienced the wonder of looking at the vastness of the sky, and can recognise the sun, moon and stars and link them to daily patterns of life.

SCN 0-06a

By safely observing and recording the sun and moon at various times, I can describe their patterns of movement and changes over time. I can relate these to the length of a day, a month and a year.

SCN 1-06a

By observing and researching features of our solar system, I can use simple models to communicate my understanding of size, scale, time and relative motion within it.

SCN 2-06a

By using my knowledge of our solar system and the basic needs of living things, I can produce a reasoned argument on the likelihood of life existing elsewhere in the universe. 

SCN 3-06a

By researching developments used to observe or explore space, I can illustrate how our knowledge of the universe has evolved over time.

SCN 4-06a

Sciences | Topical | Sciences

I can talk about science stories to develop my understanding of science and the world around me. 

SCN 0-20a

I have contributed to discussions of current scientific news items to help develop my awareness of science.

SCN 1-20a

Through research and discussion, I have an appreciation of the contribution that individuals are making to scientific discovery and invention and the impact this has made on society.

SCN 2-20a

I have collaborated with others to find and present information on how scientists from Scotland and beyond have contributed to innovative research and development.

SCN 3-20a

I have researched new developments in science and can explain how their current or future applications might impact on modern life.

SCN 4-20a

Having selected scientific themes of topical interest, I can critically analyse the issues, and use relevant information to develop an informed argument. 

SCN 4-20b