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Climate Change

Our world is warming. Is this a problem? During this workshop, your pupils will investigate how the UK has been affected by climate change over recent decades and the implications of this for the future. Using a combination of discussion, animation and activities, pupils will investigate the greenhouse effect and identify sources and sinks of greenhouse gases. The workshop culminates with ‘Science or Fiction’ an interactive game exploring some of the (sometimes wacky!) solutions being proposed to combat climate change.


#UnderstandingInterdependence #ProtectingBiodiversity #LocalToGlobal #LearningForABetterWorld #CriticalThinking #TacklingClimateChange #ProblemSolving #LinksBetweenEnvironmentSocietyAndEconomy #GlobalCitizenship #EqualityAndFairness #ResponsibleUseOfOurPlanetsResources #SocialJustice #Respect #SustainableEnergyAndWaterUse


Curriculum for Excellence Links


Sciences | Topical Science

  • I can report and comment on current scientific news items to develop my knowledge and understanding of topical science. SCN 2-20b

Technologies | Technological Developments in Society and Business

  • I can analyse how lifestyles can impact on the environment and Earth’s resources and can make suggestions about how to live in a more sustainable way. TCH 2-06a
  • I can make suggestions as to how individuals and organisations may use technologies to support sustainability and reduce the impact on our environment. TCH 2-07a

Social Studies | People, Place and Environment

  • I can discuss the environmental impact of human activity and suggest ways in which we can live in a more environmentally responsible way. SOC 2-08a
  • Having explored the ways journeys can be made, I can consider the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of transport, discussing their impact on the environment. SOC 2-09a

Literacy | Tools for Listening and Talking

  • When I engage with others, I can respond in ways appropriate to my role, show that I value others’ contributions and use these to build on thinking. LIT 2-02a