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Wonderful Weather

Rain, snow and sunshine, our weather is wonderful! But what causes planet Earth to have such a variety of weather conditions? In this workshop, learners will discover how the Sun’s energy creates our weather with visual demonstrations showing the formation of wind and dancing to learn the water cycle. Then we will delve into extreme weather making tornados and lightning in the classroom. You may also wish to explore this topic outside - see the Outdoor Learning section of our website for more information.

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Curriculum for Excellence Links


Sciences | Planet Earth | Processes of the Planet

  • By investigating how water can change from one form to another, I can relate my findings to everyday experiences. SCN 0-05a
  • By investigating how water can change from one form to another, I can relate my findings to everyday experiences. SCN 1-05a
  • I can apply my knowledge of how water changes state to help me understand the processes involved in the water cycle in nature over time. SCN 2-05a

Social Studies | People, Place and Environment

  • By using a range of instruments, I can measure and record the weather and can discuss how weather affects my life. SOC 1-12a
  • By comparing my local area with a contrasting area outwith Britain, I can investigate the main features of weather and climate, discussing the impact on living things. SOC 2-12a

Literacy and English | Tools for Listening and Talking

  • As I listen and talk in different situations, I am learning to take turns and am developing my awareness of when to talk and when to listen. LIT 0-02a / ENG 0-03a
  • When I engage with others, I know when and how to listen, when to talk, how much to say, when to ask questions and how to respond with respect. LIT 1-02a
  • When I engage with others, I can respond in ways appropriate to my role, show that I value others’ contributions and use these to build on thinking. LIT 2-02a

Literacy and English | Understanding, Analysing and Evaluating

  • To help me understand stories and other texts, I ask questions and link what I am learning with what I already know. LIT 0-07a / LIT 0-16a / ENG 0-17a
  • I can show my understanding of what I listen to or watch by responding to and asking different kinds of questions. LIT 1-07a
  • I can select ideas and relevant information, organise these in an appropriate way for my purpose and use suitable vocabulary for my audience. LIT 2-06a
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