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Journey from the Centre of the Earth: Second Level

Travel from the very centre of our planet, discover the shifting plates and witness the eruption of a volcano! Pupils will build up an integrated picture of the Earth’s structure and link this to volcanoes and earthquakes. They will handle real volcanic rocks, use technology to get up close to a volcano and think about how scientists study volcanoes and why this is important.


#LocalToGlobal #CriticalThinking #ProblemSolving #ContactWithNature #OutdoorLearning #Resilience #Culture #InternationalEducation 


Curriculum for Excellence Links


Sciences | Materials | Earth’s Materials

  • Having explored the substances that make up Earth’s surface, I can compare some of their characteristics and uses. SCN 2-17a

Social Studies | People, Place and Environment

  • I can describe the major characteristic features of Scotland’s landscape and explain how these were formed. SOC 2-07a
  • I can describe the physical processes of a natural disaster and discuss its impact on people and the landscape. SOC 2-07b

Technologies | Digital Literacy

  • I can extend and enhance my knowledge of digital technologies to collect, analyse ideas, relevant information and organise these in an appropriate way. TCH 2-01a

Literacy | Tools for Listening and Talking

  • When I engage with others, I can respond in ways appropriate to my role, show that I value others’ contributions and use these to build on thinking. LIT 2-02a
  • I can select ideas and relevant information, organise these in an appropriate way for my purpose and use suitable vocabulary for my audience. LIT 2-06a

Mathematics | Data and Analysis

  • Having discussed the variety of ways and range of media used to present data, I can interpret and draw conclusions from the information displayed, recognising that the presentation may be misleading. MNU 2-20a