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A Dinosaur Adventure - Storytelling

Join three dinosaurs on an adventure to find their friends and family after a violent volcanic eruption destroys their home. Discover what made these dinosaurs so magnificent 150 - 65 million years ago and watch out for the T-Rex!  During this interactive storytelling workshop pupils will get the opportunity to handle specimens including dinosaur teeth, claws, bones and even real dinosaur dung! They will be enthused and have a motivation for learning while using noise and actions to enhance enjoyment and develop knowledge and understanding.

  • Sciences

Planet Earth - Biodiversity and interdependence: I can talk about science stories to develop my understanding of science and the world around me.

SCN 0-20a

  • Literacy and English

Listening and Talking - Enjoyment and choice: I enjoy exploring events and characters in stories and other texts, sharing my thoughts in different ways.

LIT 0-01c

Tools for listening and talking: As I listen and talk in different situations, I am learning to take turns and am developing my awareness of when to talk and when to listen.

LIT 0-02a/ENG 0-03a

When I engage with others, I know when and how to listen, when to talk, how much to say, when to ask questions and how to respond with respect.

LIT 1-02a

Understanding, learning and evaluating: To help me understand stories and other texts, I ask questions and link what I am learning with what I already know.

LIT 0-07a/LIT 0-16a/ENG 0-17a

I can show my understanding of what I listen to or watch by responding to and asking different kinds of questions.

LIT 1-07a