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Join us on an adventure to the International Space Station!  With expert help, we’ll prepare for travelling to and living in space before returning safely to the ground. We’ll launch our rocket to dock with the International Space Station and experience life in orbit through a series of exciting challenges!  Pupils will get the chance to volunteer to help with experiments such as water filtering, fixing the space toilet, sleeping in space and even selecting suitable materials to build a space suit!

  • Sciences: Planet Earth - Space

Learners develop their understanding of the Earth’s position within the universe while developing a sense of time and scale. They develop their understanding of how our knowledge of the universe has changed over time and explore ideas of future space exploration and the likelihood of life beyond planet Earth.

  • Sciences: Topical Science

I have contributed to discussions of current scientific news items to help develop my awareness of science.

SCN 1-20a

  • Technologies: Technological Developments in Society and Business

I can explore the latest technologies and consider the ways in which they have developed.

TCH 1-05a

  • Technologies: Craft, Design, Engineering and Graphics

I can recognise a variety of materials and suggest an appropriate material for a specific use.

TCH 1-10a

I explore and discover engineering disciplines and can create solutions.

TCH 1-12a