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Dinosaur Detectives

During this workshop, your pupils will gain understanding of how long ago the dinosaurs were around, what might have caused their extinction and how we find out about creatures that no-one has ever seen. They will then become fossil detectives, exploring the rich diversity of dinosaurs by investigating handling specimens including T-rex teeth, Stegosaurus back plates and real Sauropod dung!  Working as part of a group, they will make reasoned evaluations as to what each specimen is and what dinosaur it belonged to.  Finishing this workshop, pupils will act as palaeontologists and uncover their own dinosaur!

  • Sciences

Planet Earth – Biodiversity and interdependence: I can identify and classify examples of living things, past and present, to help me appreciate their diversity. I can relate physical and behavioural characteristics to their survival or extinction.

SCN 2-01a

  • Literacy and English

Listening and talking: When I engage with others, I know when and how to listen, when to talk, how much to say, when to ask questions and how to respond with respect.

LIT 1-02a

As I listen or watch, I can identify and discuss the purpose, key words and main ideas of the text, and use this information for a specific purpose.

LIT 1-04a

To help me develop an informed view, I am learning to recognise the difference between fact and opinion.

LIT 1-08a

When I engage with others, I can respond in ways appropriate to my role, show that I value others’ contributions and use these to build on thinking.

LIT 2-02a