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Puffin Detectives – A Climate Mystery

In this interactive storytelling-style workshop, learners will investigate the effects of climate change on Scottish wildlife via the investigations of two young ‘Pufflings’ living on the Isle of May.  They will discover more about these iconic birds and their way of life, fitting them into the wider picture of life on and around the island.  Through a series of fun activities they will find out how variations in weather affect butterfly populations, seals pups and ultimately the food which the Puffins depend on.

  • Sciences: Planet Earth, Processes of the planet

Learners explore the changing states of matter and the physical and chemical processes which influence Earth’s atmosphere and oceans. They learn about climate change as a natural process in time as well as the result of human activity. Through connections with collaborative studies of landscape, weather and climate in social studies they build up an integrated picture of the dynamic nature of Earth.

  • Sciences: Topical Science

I can talk about science stories to develop my understanding of science and the world around me.

SCN 0-20a

  • Sciences: Planet Earth, Biodiversity and interdependence

I have observed living things in the environment over time and am becoming aware of how they depend on each other.

SCN 0-01a

I can explore examples of food chains and show an appreciation of how animals and plants depend on each other for food.

SCN 1-02a

  • Social Studies: People, Place & Environment

I explore and discover the interesting features of my local environment to develop an awareness of the world around me.

SOC 0-07a

I can describe and recreate the characteristics of my local environment by exploring the features of the landscape.

SOC 1-07a

By exploring climate zones around the world, I can compare and describe how climate affects living things.

SOC 1-12b

  • Social Studies: People in society, economy and business

I am aware that different types of evidence can help me to find out about the world around me.

SOC 0-15a