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Scotland's Time Lords

The Earth is 4.6 billion years old!! Who did the maths? Where do dinosaurs and humans fit in? In this workshop, pupils will discover some of our ’Time Lords’ who helped work out this astronomical number. They will investigate the rock cycle and then use play-dough to demonstrate how particular rocks were formed. Famous Scottish historical figures such as James Hutton and Charles Lyell will be introduced and pupils will finish by putting together a timeline which shows how planet Earth and the life on it has changed over time.

  • Social Studies

People, place and environment: I can describe the major characteristic features of Scotland’s landscape and explain how these were formed.

SOC 2-07a

People, past events and societies: I can investigate a Scottish historical theme to discover how past events or the actions of individuals or groups have shaped Scottish society.

SOC 2-03a

I can discuss why people and events from a particular time in the past were important, placing them within a historical sequence.

SOC 2-06a

  • Sciences

Planet Earth—Biodiversity and interdependence: I can identify and classify examples of living things, past and present, to help me appreciate their diversity. I can relate physical and behavioural characteristics to their survival or extinction.

SCN 2-01a

By observing and researching features of our solar system, I can use simple models to communicate my understanding of size, scale, time and relative motion within it.

SCN 2-06a

  • Number, money and measures

I can carry out practical tasks and investigations involving timed events and can explain which unit of time would be most appropriate to use.

MNU 2-10b