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Climate Change

Our world is warming. Is that a problem?  Pupils will investigate the possible global consequences of climate change over the next 50 years, from sea level rise to drought.  Using a combination of discussion and activities, they will study the greenhouse effect and the various sources and sinks. This ends with ‘Science or Fiction’, a team game where pupils compete to sort the real ‘geo-engineering’ ideas from the fake ones.

  • Science

Processes of the planet: I can explain some of the processes which contribute to climate change and discuss the possible impact of atmospheric change on the survival of living things.

SCN 3-05b

Energy sources and sustainability: By investigating renewable energy sources and taking part in practical activities to harness them, I can discuss their benefits and potential problems.

SCN 3-04b

Topical Science: Through research and discussion, I have contributed to evaluations of media items with regard to scientific content and ethical implications.

SCN 3-20b

  • Social Studies

People, place and environment: I can identify the possible consequences of an environmental issue and make informed suggestions about ways to manage the impact.

SOC 3-08a

  • Literacy and English

Tools for listening and talking: When I engage with others, I can make a relevant contribution, encourage others to contribute and acknowledge that they have the right to hold a different opinion. I can respond in ways appropriate to my role and use contributions to reflect on, clarify or adapt thinking.

LIT 3-02a