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Climate Controllers

Develop your knowledge of Climate Change by considering the controversial option of Geoengineering. The workshop discusses climate change, why it is happening and what the implications are.  The pupils then work as teams to investigate some of the new technologies that might be able to help to combat climate change in the future. The workshop ends with the groups debating which of these options they would choose in a real world environment.

  • Sciences: Topical Science

I have researched new developments in science and can explain how their current or future applications might impact on modern life.
SCN 4-20a

Having selected scientific themes of topical interest, I can critically analyse the issues, and use relevant information to develop an informed argument. SCN 4-20b

  • Sciences: Processes of the Planet:

I can explain some of the processes which contribute to climate change and discuss the possible impact of atmospheric change on the survival of living things. SCN 3-05b

I can describe the processes involved in maintaining the balance of gases in the air, considering causes and implications of changes in the balance. SCN 4-05b

  • Society: Technological Developments in Society:

From my studies of technologies in the world around me, I can begin to understand the relationship between key scientific principles and technological developments. TCH 3-01a

Having investigated a current trend of technological advance in Scotland or beyond, I can debate the short- and long-term possibilities of the technological development becoming a reality. TCH 4-01b

I can debate the possible future impact of new and emerging technologies on economic prosperity and the environment. TCH 4-01c

By discussing the environmental, ethical and social implications of technology, I can begin to gain an understanding of the need for sustainability. TCH 4-05a

  • Society: People, Places and Environment:

I can identify the possible consequences of an environmental issue and make informed suggestions about ways to manage the impact. SOC 3-08a

I can develop my understanding of the interaction between humans and the environment by describing and assessing the impact of human activity on an area. SOC 4-10a