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Climate Justice

Apply and develop your knowledge of climate change by putting yourself in the shoes of nations around the world. Identify which countries are at the forefront of the dangers of climate change, and collaborate with your peers to achieve fair ways for everyone to survive and adapt to these threats. With money, emissions and extreme weather events in the mix, will everyone get an equal say?


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Curriculum for Excellence Links


Social Studies | People, place and environment

  • I can compare the social and economic differences between more and less economically-developed countries and can discuss the possibilities for reducing these differences. SOC 3-11a 

Social Studies | People in society, economy and business

  • I can use my knowledge of current social, political or economic issues to interpret evidence and present an informed view. SOC 3-15a 
  • I can explain why a group I have identified might experience inequality and can suggest ways in which this inequality might be addressed. SOC 3-16a 
  • I can describe how the interdependence of countries affects levels of development, considering the effects on people’s lives. SOC 3-19a 
  • Having considered responses to a recent international crisis, I can contribute to a discussion of the effectiveness of the responses. SOC 3-19b 
  • I can discuss the extent to which my choices and decisions are influenced by the ways in which I am informed. SOC 3-17b 
  • Through discussion, I have identified aspects of a social issue to investigate and by gathering information I can assess its impact and the attitudes of the people affected. SOC 4-16b 
  • I can critically analyse the relative importance of the contribution of individuals or groups in bringing about change in a significant political event. SOC 4-17a 
  • I can evaluate the impact which decision-making bodies have on the lives of people in Scotland or elsewhere. SOC 4-18a 
  • I can critically examine how some economic factors can influence individuals, businesses or communities. SOC 4-20a 


  • Through research and discussion, I have contributed to evaluations of media items with regard to scientific content and ethical implications. SCN 3-20b


  • I can explain some of the processes which contribute to climate change and discuss the possible impact of atmospheric change on the survival of living things. SCN 3-05b