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The educational visitor attraction within Dynamic Earth is made up of 14 immersive exhibition galleries. Some of these have been in place since we opened and some have been redeveloped. We are fortunate to have had capital funding to refurbish some of these spaces.

Upcoming redevelopments include:

Show Dome – Planetarium – Dynamic Earth has a Show Dome now where we show an exciting range films in 360 degrees. We want to upgrade with thrilling new hardware and software that will allow us to see the entire known universe, access data from NASA missions, explore planets and moons and possibly even tour the human brain. 

This project will cost £662,000


Oceans galleries – Currently there are two galleries demonstrating undersea world and how we use the oceans for human benefit. A partnership with Marine Scientists at the University of Edinburgh who are leading on multinational European project has provided seed funding for us to redevelop our Oceans galleries and disseminate their findings. More can be found at the Atlas Website 

This project has not yet been costed, but is anticipated to be in the region of £1-2 million.

Evolution galleries – New galleries are planned to replace the current Casualties and Survivors, which has been in existence since 1999. The refurbished space will include about 450 metres squared of new installations internally as well as outdoor learning space where workshops can be held and short educational walks started to Arthur’s Seat and Holyrood Park.

We will soon be selecting designers to help us convey the wonder of life on Earth, with themes focused on dinosaurs, extinction and the rise of mammals and the meaning of the Anthropocene.

This project will cost £1.5 million

Annual programmes include:

Education Programme – Dynamic Earth’s educational programme is year-round spectacular of classroom and hands-on activities with special events for kids during all school holidays in addition to all the workshops we run for pupils on school trips.

What makes us unique is that we run workshops for primary and secondary pupils and even adults. You can find more about all we do here: Dynamic Workshops

Community Programme – Our Community Engagement Programme is a hidden gem within our annual programme of activities. We provide a three-part community programme to widen our audience base and offer a gentle introduction to science for disadvantaged children and adults.  

Outreach activity to remotes part of Scotland helps to extend our reach by nearly 7,000 people each year.

Careers Programme – A number of Careers events are held each year that offer children and their parents the chance to meet scientists, and professionals working in space, oceans, and even on Earth.

If you would like to hear more about supporting any of the core programme Dynamic Earth undertakes to engage people of all ages and backgrounds in earth and environmental science, contact Cara McCoy at or 0131 523 1299.