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Evolution Galleries


At Dynamic Earth, we tell the holistic story of our planet – and central to this is the science of the evolution of life on Earth. At present, we engage visitors with evolution through three interconnected galleries called ‘Casualties and Survivors’, ‘The Human Animal’ and ‘Environmental Dynamic’, which have been in existence since we opened in 1999.

Our New Routes through Evolution project will refurbish 450m squared of permanent gallery space internally as well as an outdoor geo-sensory garden learning space where thematically linked workshops can be held – for outdoor classroom and community space. We will create interactive learning spaces that convey the wonder of life on earth, with themes focused on dinosaurs, extinction, the rise of mammals and the meaning of an Anthropocene.

The project will engage audiences with some of the biggest questions in science: how did life begin, how and why has it changed through time and what does the future hold? Our vision is for compelling, interlined indoor and outdoor exhibitions and associated programmes that will engage diverse audiences with these questions. This project will encourage people to ponder our responsibilities for a sustainable future as the dominant species on the planet.

This project will cost £1.5 million. This project links to our long-term development plans and as such we will begin fundraising once our other development projects have been delivered.