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Planetaria for Earth and Space Observation


Did you dream of going to space?

So many scientists, not only astronomers, admit the first moment of scientific majesty and awe they experienced as a child was the idea of exploring space. Visiting a planetarium sparks the imagination and can help people look beyond their own worlds and realise there is something much much bigger to explore.

Planetaria transport us on a tour through the universe, exploring the planets and all known objects in the solar system along the way – from satellites to the edge of the observable universe. We can zoom in on the surfaces of the planets and even explore inside the International Space Station. Vitally, they can also allow us to look back at our Earth from space – accessing satellite imagery to present in 360° the rich and varied natural world and human impacts on our planet.

Imagine flying across the surface of our earth, observing geological events, such as volcanos and earthquakes as they happen. Imagine the power of zooming in on cities and developments to see how humans have impacted our world; and witnessing from above the environmental challenges we face, such as deforestation and shrinking ice caps.

Their immersive 360° experience provides an extraordinary perspective on the Universe that you can’t get anywhere else on Earth. Such an experience can profoundly affect the way individuals think about space, other planets and, more importantly - our own.


From ShowDome to Planetarium and beyond

Dynamic Earth is delighted to announce that in August 2020 we redeveloped our ShowDome auditorium into a fully digital state-of-the-art 360° planetarium. Brand new software and projectors will now allow us to develop the highest quality, presenter-led content on a wide variety of STEM topics – accessing databases from the European Space Agency (ESA), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). 

We also intend to invest in a mobile planetarium to deliver a tailored outreach programme for underserved schools and communities in remote locations across Scotland – addressing the urgent need for better and more inclusive science engagement across the whole of society.

The cost of the three year project is £662,000. We are currently seeking support for our Mobile Planetarium outreach work.


We are hugely grateful to the existing Planetarium funders and sponsors:


  • Robertson Trust
  • ScottishPower Foundation
  • The Behrens Foundation
  • Viewforth


  • Baillie Gifford  
  • Commsworld

Plus many individual donors and other grant making organisations to whom we are incredibly grateful.


We are seeking support from a number of sources, including Trusts and Foundations, individual donors and corporate sponsorship. We would be delighted to speak to you about how you can support our project.

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