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April Dome Nights with Gaia

Enjoy an amazing cinematic treat. Pick up your popcorn, walk under the stunning artwork Gaia by Luke Jerram - a scale version of our home planet - and enjoy an evening of movie magic!

From Sunday 5 April 2020 to Sunday 19 April 2020 we will be screening a selection of films which include:

  • Capcom Go! (30min) - Sun 5, Sat 11 & Sun 19 April - 06:00 pm

50 years after the first Moon Landing, this brand new film tells the story of the Apollo space programme, one of humankind's greatest achievements.

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  • Supervolcanoes (30min) - Sun 12th April - 06:00 pm

Supervolcanoes is an immersive planetarium show that looks back at rare classes of eruptions that have marshaled the energy that lurks, like a sleeping dragon, beneath the surface of planet Earth. 

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  • We Are Stars (30min) - Mon 13th April  - 06:00 pm

What are we made of? Where did it all come from? Explore the secrets of our cosmic chemistry, our explosive origins and connect life on Earth to the evolution of the Universe.

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  • We Are Aliens (30min) - Friday 17 April - 06:00 pm

Are we alone? Is it possible to find life beyond earth? Take a journey to find out in this Rupert Grint narrated 360° Dome film from the award-winning NSC Creative team.

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  • Planets 360 (54min) - Sun 5, Sat 11– Mon 13, Fri 17 & Sun 19 April - 6:45pm

The Planets 360 is a re-imagining of British composer Gustav Holst's The Planets orchestral suite. It uses the awe-inspiring Fulldome format to create a sonically driven and immersive experience. 

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Please note this film has an age restriction of 14+

  • Dark Side of the Moon (45min) - Sun 5, Sat 11– Mon 13, Fri 17 & Sun 19 April

Inspired by the music of Pink Floyd, this dome spectacular features the 1973 album the 'Dark Side of the Moon' in explosive surround sound. With spellbinding abstract projections on the dome, audiences will be surrounded to create a truly astonishing experience.

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  • Wish You Were Here (45min) - Mon 13 & Sun 19 April

Lose yourself in Pink Floyd's classic album Wish You Were Here, this full-dome music and light show interprets the acclaimed rock album through mesmerizing HD graphics.

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Please note this film has an age restriction of 14+

Occasional feelings of motion sickness can occur while watching these films, please ask a member of staff on the night if you have any concerns in advance of the screening.