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Birthday Parties

Fancy doing something a bit different this year?

How about traveling back in time 15,000 million years to the beginning of our universe and taking an action packed adventure through planet Earth.

Dynamic Earth birthday party packages contain something for kids of all ages. For younger children we have a Storytelling Birthday Party, and for older children we have a fantastic Craft Activity Birthday Party. For children of all ages we offer our ever popular Adventurer Party. Parties are suitable for a minimum of 8 children and a maximum of 20 children. Birthday parties are available every Saturday and Sunday that the attraction is open.

Party Packages Available:

  • The Storytelling Birthday Party: Involves a mini tour round Dynamic Earth, an interactive storytelling session (choose between Space or Dinosaurs as your theme), time in Ocean Commotion soft play and a birthday meal. This party is for children aged 4 and 5 years. £13 per child.
  • The Adventurer Birthday Party: A tour round Dynamic Earth, time in the Ocean Commotion soft play or our 360 degree ShowDome cinema and a birthday meal. The party is for children of all ages (4 to 10 years). £13 per child.
  • The Craft Activity Party: Consists of a tour round Dynamic Earth, a craft activity and a birthday meal. Crafts on offer are Solar Bracelets or Dinosaur Hats. Both are taken home at the end of the party. This party is for children aged 8 to 12 years. £15 per child.

Goodie Bags: 

Goodie Bags are available to order in advance of your party and cost £3.00 each. For a sneak peak of what is included in the goodie bags click here for 4-5 year olds and here for 6+ year olds.