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Birthday Party FAQs

How do I book?

Bookings can be made online HERE. Select an available date and choose a time slot. You will then be able to add the number of children attending, answer a few questions about the party and then pay a £50 deposit to secure the date.

The date I want to choose is not available.

Birthday parties are only available on weekends and may be unavailable during some school holidays. If you do not see your preferred date, birthday parties are unavailable that day or fully booked.

How much does a birthday party cost?

It costs £16.50 per child for a birthday party. We take a non-refundable £50 deposit which is then deducted from your total on the day.

What’s included?

Exclusive guided tour of the galleries, dedicated birthday party host, private birthday party room, live planetarium show, rocket fuel lunch bags, 1 complimentary adult per 5 children, a FREE annual explorer pass for the birthday child, downloadable party invitations, free parking for the organiser.

How many children can attend?

A minimum of 8 and a maximum of 15 children can attend. If less than 8 children arrive on the day for the birthday party, the party will still go ahead. However, you will be required to pay for 8 children as this is our minimum number required to hold a birthday party. Numbers are strictly capped at 15 children per birthday party for health & safety reasons, and to meet the guidelines set out by the Disclosure Scotland PVG Scheme. If additional children attend on the day, they will not be permitted to join the birthday party. Siblings or under 4's joining in with the party activities must be included in your final numbers.

How many adults can attend?

We would recommend no more than one adult per five children attend the party, as our Party Guide's job is to interact with the children as a group and keep their focus. We have found in the past that when more adults attend, this can distract the children from the Guide and has a negative impact on the overall experience. Parents / guardians attending are expected to assist with supervising the children during the party.

What ages can I book for?

We accept parties for children aged 5 – 12.

Can I bring a cake?

Yes! Please feel free to bring a birthday cake with you, it can be stored in our Cafe area until your snack time. Please let us know in advance if your cake contains nuts.

Can I bring extra food?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow guests to bring additional party food / snacks. For health and safety, all food provided at the party must come from our own kitchens, with the exception of a birthday cake.

What if my numbers change?

We do expect numbers to change which is why we only take a £50 deposit. Final numbers will be taken on the day and you will be charged the remaining balance on arrival accordingly. Please see the ‘How many children can attend?’ question above for more details.

What’s your cancellation policy?

Birthday parties can be cancelled at any time however, the £50 deposit is non-refundable for any reason. We are happy to reschedule the party subject to availability, should the need arise.

How long does a birthday party last?

Our birthday parties last  approx. 2.5 hours which includes your 15-minute arrival time.

My child has an Annual Explorer Pass, can they attend for free?

Yes! If the birthday child has an annual pass, they will go free of charge! However, other guests at the party are not permitted to use annual passes, as a birthday party is a different product and includes lunch.

What’s included in a Rocket Fuel Bag?

Ham or cheese roll (GF or DF on request) crisps, fruit, raisins, sweet treat, water, apple / orange juice or milk.

Can I buy more food on the day?

Yes, our Food Chain Café is open if you wish to purchase any additional food (hot meals, tea / coffee, ice creams etc.)

Do you offer Goodie Bags?

Yes, our goodie bags are £4.50 per child and are payable on the day. Our goodie bags contain a selection of items from our Natural Selection Gift Shop.

How do I claim the complimentary child annual pass?

After your party has taken place, our team will send you a child Annual Explorer Gift voucher, which can be redeemed at any time. This can be used for your own child or gifted to someone else. Alternatively, you can also use the voucher to renew your child's pass if you are already Annual Explorers!

Can I choose a specific planetarium show for the party?

All our Planetarium shows are scheduled months in advance so we cannot take requests. However, we have ensured that all birthday party Planetarium time slots enable groups to attend a live show with our resident astronomers!

Do you provide party invitations?

Yes! You can download and print these HERE.

Do I get a discount on parking?

The party organiser will receive free parking, please validate your car parking ticket with our team prior to departure. Guests can use the turning circle in front of the main entrance for dropping off / picking up their children only. If they wish to remain onsite during the party, they must use the car park and normal parking charges will apply.

Where can we store our belongings?

All jackets, bags and gifts etc can be stored at the beginning of your party. Please speak to your party guide or another member of staff if you need to collect anything during the party. We would highly recommend keeping any valuables with you at all times. Any items are left at the owner's own risk, Dynamic Earth is not responsible for any lost / stolen or damaged belongings.


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