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At the Food Chain Café we use locally sourced Matthew Algie coffee. Read more about them below:



The tea leaf years: 1864-1950

Matthew Algie founder was born in Greenock, a major port for goods entering and leaving the industrial powerhouse of Glasgow.

Matthew was a grocer; he sold tea that arrived on the famous Clyde Clippers. In 1864 he decided to specialise: he set up his own tea blending and wholesale business. Matthew's customers were the thousands of retailers in the Glasgow area.

Maybe it was something in the leaves: Matthew lived to the ripe old age of 92!

Coffee: 1950-1994

This is the big one: post-war Glasgow started to develop a taste for coffee. So Matthew Algie offered that too - as well as tea bags and vending machines.



View the Matthew Algie Sustainability Report (2017 – 2021) here.


Triple Certified

In 2004 Matthew Algie espresso was triple certified; Fairtrade, organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified.

  • The Fairtrade Mark is the only independent guarantee that coffee farmers have been paid a price that is higher than the cost of production. An additional social premium is also paid to the growers. It is distributed democratically, helping to develop businesses and pay for community projects.
  • The Rainforest Alliance seal of approval means that coffee farmers look after the tropical forests where they live and work. This certifies that wildlife is protected, rivers are kept clean, and natural resources are conserved.
  • Organically growing coffee means that coffee farmers don't use unnecessary chemicals and pesticides, which is good news for plant and animal life. Organic certification also means more money for the farmers, over and above Fairtrade prices.)


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