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Visitor Accessibility

We have endeavoured to ensure that our facilities throughout the attraction are as inclusive to everyone as possible.

Dynamic Earth is fully wheelchair accessible, with ramp access up to the entrance of the building and lifts throughout to navigate through the exhibition, and to gain access to and from the car park. Wheelchair access to the car park is via the internal lifts only. Please be aware these lifts are operational only during opening hours. There is drop-off access in the amphitheatre outside the front of the building

Additionally, we have disabled toilet facilities on both sides of the building, which include handle rails and wide door access.

For people with visual impairments additional information about the exhibits is available through audio guides.

For people with hearing impairments, transcripts are available in English. We advise contacting us ahead of your visit via to discuss any other adaptations we may be able to make.

We permit assistance dogs in all areas of the attraction, however we would advise that some of the galleries have loud noises and flashing lights within them.

Please note that we do operate strobe lighting within some of the galleries, which could affect people with epilepsy. Our guides are aware of all of these areas and can assist and advise visitors of their presence.


Accessibility Toolkit

Dynamic Earth is an interactive science centre and visitor attraction which enables visitors to explore Earth’s history. Visual displays, lights, sounds, movement and temperature changes create a vibrant experience. Being multi-sensory it can be challenging for some people to stay focussed and relaxed.

We recognise the need for all visitors to be able to access the centre. Our staff are ready to help and can provide all the information a visitor needs online, over the phone and in person. To further support your visit we have created a toolkit of resources.

The Accessibility Toolkit is designed to be used before, during and after a visit. They can be accessed digitally, downloaded and printed before you arrive or provided on the day by a member of staff. The resources intend to give anyone with sensory difficulties the information they need to plan their visit and engage with the content at Dynamic Earth.

The resources include:

  •          Social Story (2 versions)
  •          Now and Next symbols
  •          Explorer cards
  •          Gallery Guide (2 versions)
  •          Sensory Bags

Social Stories –there are two versions of the Social Story and both provide a story of a visit to Dynamic Earth. The cards simplify the activities involved in a visit. The A4 document is more comprehensive showing lots of images of the centre. The cards use symbols to explore aspects of the tour. The Access Statement may also be useful for reference – this can be found on this website.

Now and Next –these symbols provide a physical way to keep track of the journey through the galleries. Each card represents a room or area of Dynamic Earth. Spot the corresponding symbol in each room and on the map provided. The symbols can be moved on the Now and Next board to represent your journey through the building. There are also communication cards for tasks like the toilet or eating.

Explorer cards – the explorer cards are images of things visitors will see on the tour of the galleries. Searching for an object in each gallery can provide structure to a visit. They can also act as non-verbal communication cards.

Gallery Guide –there are two versions of the gallery guide and both provide activities to engage with the content of the tour. The booklet is a more extensive guide detailing what happens in each room, any sensory input and the duration of activities. The A4 sheet suggests simple active ways to capture attention and energy in each area. Reading the booklet beforehand will prepare visitors to avoid areas they may find difficult.

Sensory Bags "Dynamic Earth Adventure Pack" – attending to cognitively demanding tasks can improve focus and relaxation in some people, especially those with attention- deficit hyperactivity disorder. Sensory bags contain items that provide a touch task or physical activity. These can be collected from the ticket desk are to be returned to Dynamic Earth staff after a visit is complete.