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Visitor Accessibility

We have endeavoured to ensure that our facilities throughout the attraction are as inclusive to everyone as possible.

Dynamic Earth is fully wheelchair accessible, with ramp access up to the entrance of the building and lifts throughout to navigate through the exhibition, and to gain access to and from the car park.

Additionally, we have disabled toilet facilities on both sides of the building, which include handle rails and wide door access.

For hard-of-sight visitors we offer additional information about the exhibits on show.

For hard-of-hearing visitors we offer transcripts in English.

We permit assistance dogs in all areas of the attraction, however we would advise that some of the galleries have loud noises and flashing lights within them.

Please note that we do operate strobe lighting within some of the galleries, which could affect epilepsy sufferers. Our guides are aware of all of these areas and can assist and advise visitors of their presence.

As well as these specific facilities, the Dynamic Earth attraction consists of outstanding visuals, dramatic sound effects, spectacular music, evocative smells and amazing physical sensations which allow a multi-sensory experience for all.